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2009 BMW/MINI Clubman John Cooper Works

There is no comparison between this car and a stock mini cooper S. The gWorksh Minisf were modified at the factory by the Mini Competition department in order to squeeze every ounce of horsepower and performance out of the turbocharged engine. Upgraded with a factory race cam and crank, the engine produces an astounding 208 horsepower for the tiny little car. The factory offers upgrades to everything on these cars, and this particular example has just about every possible option. A Getrag 6-speed, performance suspension, performance brakes and of course, the upgraded engine, make this mini the perfect performance machine. It drives with the power of a Porsche 911, but with remarkable handling. With more power than you know what to do with, this lightweight mini will run away from cars with twice the horsepower.

status: sold

sold: unknown

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